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Line 522: Line 522:
     bind_dn: '​CN=s-gitlab,​CN=Users,​DC=devbase,​DC=org'​     bind_dn: '​CN=s-gitlab,​CN=Users,​DC=devbase,​DC=org'​
     password: '​mylittlepassword'​     password: '​mylittlepassword'​
-    encryption: 'plain' # "​start_tls"​ or "​simple_tls"​ or "​plain"​ +    encryption: 'start_tls' # "​start_tls"​ or "​simple_tls"​ or "​plain"​ 
-    verify_certificates: ​true+    verify_certificates: ​false
     active_directory:​ true     active_directory:​ true
     allow_username_or_email_login:​ false     allow_username_or_email_login:​ false
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