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-===== Motion ​detection notification ​===== +===== Webcam ​Motion ​Detection Notification ​===== 
-you can use a RPi, a webcam and [[https://​​Motion-Project/​motion|Motion]] to change the color +You can use a RPi, a webcam and [[https://​​Motion-Project/​motion|Motion]] to send commands
 <​code>​ <​code>​
 on_event_start echo "​{red:​10,​green:​1,​blue:​1,​all:​1}"​ | nc -w 0 -u 192.168.x.x 2342 on_event_start echo "​{red:​10,​green:​1,​blue:​1,​all:​1}"​ | nc -w 0 -u 192.168.x.x 2342
 on_event_end echo "​{red:​1,​green:​1,​blue:​1,​all:​1}"​ | nc -w 0 -u 192.168.x.x 2342 on_event_end echo "​{red:​1,​green:​1,​blue:​1,​all:​1}"​ | nc -w 0 -u 192.168.x.x 2342
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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