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 [[hackerspace-cookbook|Hackerspace Cookbook]] [[hackerspace-cookbook|Hackerspace Cookbook]]
-[[packlist|Camp Packlist]]+[[packlist|Camp Packlist ​for a group]]
 +[[packlist-individual|Camp Packlist for a individual]]
 ===== Infrastructure ===== ===== Infrastructure =====
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 [[neopixel-16x16-display|NeoPixel 16x16 Display]] [[neopixel-16x16-display|NeoPixel 16x16 Display]]
 +[[devbase-sign|/​dev/​base sign]] created @cccamp19
 +[[neopixel_halloween_pumpkin|Neopixel Halloween Pumpkin]]
 +[[neopixel-tree-2019|NeoPixel Tree - 2019 Edition]]
 +[[neopixel-backpack|NeoPixel Backpack]]
 ====== Ideas ====== ====== Ideas ======
 If you need inspiration for your next project: \\ If you need inspiration for your next project: \\
 [[project-ideas|Project Ideas]] [[project-ideas|Project Ideas]]
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