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Member Projects


  • Home of hackbuts CTF-Pwnage Team
    • regular CTF-events? one vulnhub-machine per month?
    • semi-virtual participation in remote CTF events (aka we meet in the hackerspace and participate in online CTF-events)?
    • write-ups of CTFs, common knowledge-base (wiki, blog, etc.) of sec-stuff
    • car-hacking projects (aka open garage)? this is not done purely virtual
    • “Training” → OSCP?
  • Events / Parties / etc.
    • Hackathons with or without topics, open / closed?
    • CTF-events (look at hackbuts)
    • public openings, lectures, IT courses, workshops
    • (crap-)movie nights
    • “Serien-Stammtisch”
  • Project-ideas
    • cool, fast and Blinky e-powered mule-device for having fun with and / or driving stuff from parking to camping place at camps and back
    • Blinkenlights? (remote controlled glowing ball, light-stripes, light cube platform, etc.)
    • Quadrokopter
    • Open Source alternative for Logitech Harmony Hub base on RPi and lirc
    • VR game
    • DoorButler, GateButler - open doors, garages and gates with an RPi, connection to OpenHab or Home-Assistant
    • FriendLoc - location based fried notification
    • HackerPi
    • Software Defined Radio - Rad1o
    • controll stuff with a esp8266 in a secure way
    • smartmirror
  • Merchandise
    • awesome T-Shirts and Hoodies for members and non-members
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