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Name multiple channels public channel for guests persistent Android App iOS App Self-Hosted irc connector authentication audio / video file transfer
Applications to investigate
matrix + yes yes yes yes yes, push though 3rd-party yes yes ldap yes yes
Rocket yes only livechat on website, irc as workaround? yes yes yes, iOS developer account needed? yes alpha ldap, oauth, saml yes yes
zulip yes yes yes yes ldap, google, github yes
lets-chat yes ldap+kerberos
Application not meeting the requirements
jabber yes yes yes push depends on app push depends on app yes
mattermost yes ldap only in paid version
Slack kind of no
hip-chat not anymore?
irc no with bots with bots
Discord no
Stryve no no
friends - github
exo no
fleep no
ryver no
kandan no no yes
gridle no
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