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A quite base is an empty base.
There should be always some music playing in the background.

Every member should be able to use the system.


  • requirements
    • play music from web radios
    • webinterface to change channel
    • play locally stored files
    • stream music from member clients
    • touch screen remote
    • keep it simple
  • not required
    • multiroom audio
    • bluetooth

Possible Systems

  • UPnP
  • MPD based
    • RuneAudio
    • Volumio
    • Mopidy
  • PulseAudio
    • RTP multicast
  • commercial
    • Sonos

Our Choise

We wend for MPD RuneAudio, because it boots fast, has a nice webinterface, runs on a RPi connected to some active speakers.

Music Storage

RuneAudio can connect to file shares.
For now we will only use web radio streams.

If you want to play your own music you need to be creative.


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