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Inspired by

In short a MP3 player controlled via RFID cards.


  1. 1 * Holzbox (my has the dimension 20x20x20 cm, will also work with 16x16x16 cm)
  2. 1 * Battery Pack (RAVPower 6700mAH)
  3. 1 * Mini MP3 Player (AZDelivery)
  4. 1 * Aduino Nano (AZDelivery)
  5. 1 * Visaton vs-frs8 m (Speaker)
  6. 1 * Visaton 1138 (Speakercover)
  7. 1 * Switch (12V with LED Dot Light)
  8. 3 * Arcade Buttons
  9. 1 * RFID Kit RC522 (AZDelivery, Contains Reader, one Chip and one Card)
  10. 1 * RFID Key-cards (as much as you need, just ensure the have the right frequency)
  11. 1 * USB 2.0 Mini Male Extension-cable (screwable)
  12. 1 * USB 2.0 A Extension-cable (screwable)
  13. 1 * Neutrik NAUSB-W Reversible USB-laying 2.0 Socket, built-in Laying
  14. 1 * Herman 5028 (Universal Labels, self-adhesive)
  15. 1 * Buckle (To keep tiny fingers out..)
  16. 2 * Handles
  17. 1 * Circuit board (is not needed but makes your life easy)
  18. some tesa® On & Off General Purpose Stick on Tape (to stick it and not to clue)


The circuit board

Ensure you do have the right driller size.
My first try (the middle one) was to small for the arcade buttons, took me two hours to grind it to the correct size.

Just to check if everything fits in

RFID Reader mounted with the “stick tape”
Buttons from below (Missed the shrinking tube)

Flashing the nano and get everything connected.
Battery pack is missing on the picture, it is also mounted with the stick tape.
“Someone” can shake the box and nothing should happen.

Ready to be used
Advice use the RFID chip for the admin functions.

TonUINO Code


It is now in use …
first action of the day → turn it on…
last action → turn it off.

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