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Initially born at the SHA2017 /dev/base's mission is to provide an open, inclusive and creative platform for hackers, makers, tinkerers and other (also normal) people who want to hack, create, make and learn.

The original /dev/base orga team, consisting of trinitor, faker, aldarys, weedwood and n00ne strongly believe in free and open information, the network effect in collective projects and having fun while working together.

/dev/base provides a shared workspace, a strong IT infrastructure, an open-minded and creative collective with a wide and deep skill-set and a constant Mate-flow.

/dev/base is a hub for a bunch of events and hosts a lot of different projects.

/dev/base welcomes open-minded, creative, nice and fun people with an interest in learning and trying out new stuff who want to take an active part.

We are not political, we are technological.

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