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/dev/base wants you to know more. That is why offer free and open talks and workshops on different topics. Everybody is free to join, though the available places might be limited due to limited space.

If you want to attend, please let us know via Slack or orga [at] We look forward to having you.

We try to keep the workshops kind of hands-on as we prefer doing stuff compared to talking about them. But theory will be a necessary part of every event.

/dev/workshop 2018-03-17

Topic docker 101
Description introduction into docker container-o-rama
prerequisites only few, you should probably know what Linux is, how ip-networks work and how to use a shell. also you should probably bring some kind of computer with you. A virtualbox image will be provided with everything already setup, so a Virtualbox-installation would be nice.
Date 2018-03-17, 17:00
Agenda will follow shortly, please contact n00ne in slack for topic proposals! there are possible topics (have a look further down) but no final decision has been made
Available seats 6/12

possible topics

  • Introduction (what the hell is docker?)
  • Hello World (docker quick start)
  • docker images (how do i create my own awesome docker images?)
  • docker containers (wth? what is the difference between images/containers?)
  • docker management (how can i fix things after i broke them unintentionally?)
  • docker networking (why does docker think it has to reinvent everything?)
  • docker composer (how to do things automatically?)
  • docker running gui-based application
  • docker with kubernetes / swarm (how to do things automatically even better?)
  • summary (how to go on from here? is there life after /dev/workshop?)




pre-installed virtualbox image

Download (link expires March 24th, 2018)


Key Value
network NAT (dynamic ip over dhcp)
user dockeradmin
pass dockeradmin

Getting started

sudo docker help
sudo docker run hello-world
sudo docker ps -a
sudo docker images
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