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user@devbase# nc -w1 42
     dP    8                 dP 8               8          w   8                
    dP  .d88 .d88b Yb  dP   dP  8d8b. .d88 .d8b 8.dP .d88 w8ww 8d8b. .d8b. 8d8b.
   dP   8  8 8.dP`  YbdP   dP   8P Y8 8  8 8    88b  8  8  8   8P Y8 8` .8 8P Y8
  dP    `Y88 `Y88P   YP   dP    8   8 `Y88 `Y8P 8 Yb `Y88  Y8P 8   8 `Y8P` 8   8  
  version info:            v2019.04
  geolocation:             /dev/base
  exploitation ddate:      Boomtime, Bureaucracy 73, 3185 YOLD
  shell-access granted, starting terminal:
user@devbase# dmesg | grep hackathon
[    3.300358] /dev/hackathon: PUBLIC MSG: announcement of next /dev/hackathon
                                           (October 19th, 2019)
[   67.004982] /dev/hackathon: rule added: everyone is welcome!
[  132.773600] /dev/hackathon: rule added: the base will provide shelter, infrastructure
                                           and fun for free
[  184.228272] /dev/hackathon: rule added: there are no rookies, only masters-to-be
[  274.927450] /dev/hackathon: unique selling points 'Mate supply' and 'nice people'
user@devbase# register --user myself
registering service not started, please contact your local /dev/base administrator
in slack or via eMail (orga [AT]
user@devbase# quit
  Looking forward to seeing you at /dev/hackathon v2019.04


version info v2019.04
geolocation /dev/base
date 2018-10-19 13:00:00


We define Hackathon in a very generic way.
It's an event at which we solving problems together in teams.
The outcome can be a pice of software, a prototype for hardware, or knowledge for the attendees.


To be defined


Because we can and it's fun!


Everyone is welcome!
Don't be afraid if you have little or feel you have not enough knowledge.
n00bs welcome! :)


The base will provide the network, a room and Mate.

We suggest you to:

  • bring your Laptop


  • Be excellent to each other
  • Have fun


We ask you kindly to tell us when you plan to attend.
Tables, network, drinks, … must be prepared.

Just give us a heads up.
Please contact your local /dev/base administrator in Slack or via eMail (orga [AT]

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