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The List of Individual Equipment

This list is intended to reflect our experiences of the last events.
It should provide you guidance so you do not forget something. It is not a mandatory list. You need to decide what you need.

Item Description Example
entry ticket old school. print it on a pice of paper
money Cash >20 Euro per day for food
ID, drivers license not needed during the camp, but for the ride
tent size = 3-2 persons, you need some space for your stuff too
reflecting ropes make your tent visible
better tent pegs flat head screw for wood 8×220 mm + portable electric drill
sleeping bag nights are cold, even during summer time
sleeping mat
pillow case fill pillow case with cloth or bring a real pillow
chair foldable
table foldable
cable tires and Duct tape
fan for your tent
flashlight, headlight
light for your tent inside and outside
clothespin dry towel on your tent cords
earplugs, sleep mask the nights can be loud and bright
picnic blanket
glow sticks mark your tent cords during the night
towel and/or bathrobe
sandals for the shower
soap the hand soap on the restrooms might run out
toilet paper the toilet paper on the restrooms might run out
bug spray
medicine antiallergy medicine, …
t-shirts, sweaters, trousers, …
warm jacket, fleece jacket even in summer months you might get 10°C during nights
rain jacket
hiking boots / rubber boots
sun glasses
swim suite
drinking bottle, water bag
ready meals
Secure your stuff
laptop + charger + mouse
smartphone + charger
power strip
power extension cable
USB powerbank
USB cables
ethernet switch
ethernet cables wifi is ok, wired is better
ethernet USB adapter some laptops do not have ethernet ports
RPi, Servers, … for workloads during night
external disk
DECT phone see
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