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The List of Shared Equipment

This list is intended to reflect our experiences of the last events. Please modify accordingly if something is missing. It is structured in a way, that it can be copied and pasted for every event-planning.

Item Description Example Who?
Transportation / Logistics
Hand cart Bollerwagen for bringing your stuff from the car to the village
Staying In
Tent one big tent for everybody to sit inSkandika Nimbus 12 Personen Familienzelt
Rope some extra rope for additional security in windy and dark placesReflecting Rope
Hammer rubber hammer for “Heringe”
Intransparent sheetingfor blocking the sun from tents and stuff. last time we used a lot of rescue blanketsRettungsdecken
sun sail to sit outside, but still in the shadow
Biertisch-Garnitur for everybody to sit and eat on. probably standing outside
Community table for putting all the shared stuff on (e.g. camping cooker)
Rugs it would be pretty convenient to be shoeless in the main tent
Eating / Drinking / Surviving
Cooker Camping Cooker for heating your eating. Probably more than one needed when a lot of villagers are plannedPrimus Camping Stove
Kochset one could argue everybody should bring a Kochset, but normally it will be sharedCamping Stove Pods
Instant coffee jumpstart for the first mile to the food court in the morning
Coffee milk something not breakable by the sun or fresh when a fridge is apparent
Fridge a cool drink is a great thing on a sunny afternoonthis one
Barbecue grill
Garbage bags don't leave your garbage lying around for wasps to find it
kitchen paper towels
kitchen sponge
cerials, milk
chocolate, sweets
Projector for streaming the talks or showing some high-valued pictures in the night
Canvas to stream the projector on (normally a blank bed-sheet is enough
Projector slave some kind of system for everybody to connect over ethernet to the projector (Apple TV? RPi with Kodi, …?)
Projector adapters additional adapters for connecting the projector directly
Speaker some equipment to show our neighbours, what great taste in music we havewe had this JBL Bluetooth speaker last time, but it was pretty lame
Power extension cord >=50m
Uplink network cable for connecting the tent with the next Datenklo.50m network cable
Network switch approx. 3 ports per villagerNETGEAR ProSAFE GS108T
Lights lights, lights, lights, …LED Strip 10m, LED Tube 10m, Knicklichter
Tape lots of it, Mathias will tape everything to everything and the result to something elseTape
Cable ties not so much needed as tape but handy
Soldering station for badges, broken equipment, car hacking stuff, etc.  
Wifi link in the first days there is no cable uplink but only wifi available. Normally the wifi is pretty petty and could probably be better with a good uplink antenna
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