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2017-10-21 - Public Vulnhub Event

Lets hack stuff!


From the Vulnhub FAQ:
A catalogue of 'stuff' that is (legally) 'breakable, hackable & exploitable' - allowing you to learn in a safe environment and practise 'stuff' out.

To protect a system you need to know how a bad guys would try to break in.
By knowing what is possible you can protect your systems and infrastructure against those common attacks.

In this event we will provide some vulnerable machines and the network.
Together we will try break them and get the flags. But mainly to share knowledge, get to know each other and collaborate.

Don't be afraid if you have little or no knowledge in this area.
Basic system and network knowledge is helpful.
n00bs welcome! :)

What to bring?

If you didn't understood a word in the tutorial join us anyway. It will be a fun event and you will learn stuff


We ask you kindly to tell us when you plan to attend.
Tables, network, drinks, … must be prepared.

There is no official registration process. Just give us a heads up.


In case you need a VirtualBox installer or the Kali iso file:


No walkthroughs, have fun

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