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NeoPixel Video Call warning system

#WFH is now bringing new challenges. One is the video call and unintended guests or not prepared ones …
To give them a heads up, I introduced a easy warning system on the way into my home office.
The LED strips are controlled via http enabled nodeMCU.

Why, because of this ;-)

BBC Interview kids walk in ← Warning youtube link


  1. 1* esp8266
  2. 1* WS2812B (75 Led long, or the length you need)
  3. wire to connect esp8266 and WS2812B
  4. 1* Generic Plastic Case (LxHxB)
  5. 1* USB cable to connect esp8266 with power

Current Arduino Code


Web Front-end:

Pick the color you need..

Red for in video call

Green for all creatures are welcome

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