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House Rules

This document describes the house rules of the hackerspace /dev/base
When you enter the room you accept this rules.

Short Version

  1. Be excellent to each other!
  2. People are welcome. Be nice.
  3. Help other people, let other people help you. Share and teach.
  4. People should be judged by acting, not bogus criteria such as degrees, age, race, or position
  5. no racism, no sexism, no homophobia
  6. Respect the Hacker Ethics →

Long Version


  • clean up (before and after you)
  • no smoking
  • no drugs
  • no alcohol
    • exceptions for events can be made by the orga team
  • the maximum volume is the volume which is tolerated by everyone in the room. Respect neighbors as well


  • key holders can open the base
    • the opening key holder is responsible to close the base
    • this burden can be transferred to another present key holder
  • when the last key holder is leaving the base will be closed and others need to leave
    • the last key holder give the others a heads up 15 minutes before if possible
  • the base can only be closed when cleaned up
  • save energy, turn off devices and lights if they are not needed

Meals and Drinks

  • you can bring something to eat and drink
  • ordering food into the base is allowed
  • the base has some drinks available for sale
    • if you remove a bottle out of the fridge put a new “warm” one in
  • you can use the kitchen if you clean up afterwards
  • it is allowed to store your personal food/drinks in the fridge for a short period of time
    • you need to label it with our name and the date you put it in


  • do not hack into the infrastructure without approval
  • changes to the room or the infrastructure must be first discussed in the orga meeting
  • lockpicking of actively used locks if forbidden
  • the internal network can be used by members
  • guests can use only the guest network

Devices / Inventory / Material

  • use everything carefully
  • damage must be reported to the orga team
  • respect the labels on the inventory
  • permanent loans or donations are welcome
    • the base is not a dump for old devices
    • coordinate with the orga team before your bring stuff
  • private property must be labeled
    • ask before you use stuff from someone else
  • tools must be brought back after usage
  • consumable items can be used in usual amounts
  • borrowing something from the base must be approved by the orga team
    • the loan must be documented

Overnight Stay

  • the base is not a hotel
  • sleeping in the base is not allowed
    • exceptions can be approved by one orga team member


  • Projects are stored in boxes when nobody works on them


  • you are responsible for you own safety, but if you see someone running into a dangerous situation you have to speak up
  • prevent fires
  • don't use damaged devices
  • everyone is responsible for their own actions
    • a private liability insurance is recommended


  • no picture, no video, no audio recordings unless you have approval from the persons involved
  • private details are not allowed to be shared without approval of the person
    • this includes real names, job, employer, …


  • members can expel others if they violating the house rules
    • two members are required
    • the orga team must be informed about the situation afterwards
  • the orga team can expel persons permanently
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